Do you take my insurance?

Simply fill out our online registration form and upload your insurance card to our portal and our team will verify if your insurance benefits will cover the cost of your visit. We accept most major PPO insurances.

Do I have to see a provider for multiple visits or can I do a one time visit?

One-time visits are an option, however most positive health outcomes are likely achieved over multiple visits or through a membership.

Do I have to be Vegan to make an appointment? What is Veganism?

No! Vegan is an ethical lifestyle choice. At Married to Health we follow evidence-based scientific studies which demonstrate a whole food plant-based diet can decrease risk factors for diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, obesity, and colon cancer. Our team will help you improve your health by adopting a more plant-based lifestyle as it fits your needs, and customize it to fit your lifestyle. Veganism is always an individual choice, not a prescription.

What can a registered dietitian offer me that my physician cannot?

Dietitians work alongside physicians and care teams to ensure a multidisciplinary comprehensive care. They have extensive education and training in medical nutrition therapy. They have a keen understanding of the psychology of eating, specific nutrients, and nutrition for various diseases. They are the authority on nutrition counseling who go in depth with recommendations and specifics of nutrition therapy.

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